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We are very happy with how this has turned out. The lighting gives the whole department a new feel and look, and it makes the product look amazing!

Hayden, Store Manager, Supa IGA, Geraldton WA

We have replaced halogen globes with Carbon Cheaters 10W LEDs and we are really pleased with how well they light up the room. The bathroom tap ware now sparkles and our guests can groom themselves in a better quality light. Apart from the improved aesthetics, we are also looking forward the energy and financial savings that these LEDs will provide. We have found Tracey to be very knowledgeable about LEDs and has provided us some excellent advice and we hope to continue to use her services in the future.

Rod, Maintenance Manager, Tradewinds Hotel, Fremantle WA

Great product! We'll definitely order some more downlights at some stage,

Julienne, Chidlow WA

Thanks Tracey for introducing me to LED lighting. I urge everyone to look into changing over, the savings are huge in the long run. My 60 day electricity bills are now $230 lower. The old downlights run very hot, LEDs run very cool and are also saving me on store air conditioning. My outlay of $1000 will be recovered in less than a year, now that is cool! The T8s are also very easy on the eye, I can see and work much better than the old fluoro tubes . I'm very happy.

Trev, Cottesloe Gifts and Multi-Services (drop in and see for yourself - Napolean Arcade, Cottesloe WA)

Hi Tracey,
We are really happy with our LED downlights, we can't tell the difference in light output between these and the old halogens. The room is cooler and we no longer have to worry about the running cost of them being on most of the day and night.

Gerry and Titia, Mr Organic, Fremantle WA

The lights look great at home, just had the kitchen/family room area all hooked up properly the night before I flew out, very happy with the result :) you should check it out at some point :)

Dan, Rockingham WA

Hi Tracey, I am so happy with your LEDs. when you are in the Wanneroo area you must visit. They are really bright and just what I wanted, I will get more off you again soon.

Clint (Wanneroo),

Thanks Carbon Cheaters for supplying T8 led tubes to replace our existing money hungry hi bay lights. Our products are displayed under beautiful cool white light now. Plus the added advantage of generous savings on electrical bills.

Kathy, Manager, My Pool Shop Melbourne VIC