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Carbon Cheaters 22W LED T8 Tube

Our LEDs provide 10% more light and use 60% less power than a fluorescent saving $400 over their 50,000 hour life. Carbon Cheaters LED T8 tubes remain the best investment on the market boasting higher lumens, colour rendition, efficiency and electrical safety standards. We guarantee that you will not sacrifice on light quality and we expect that you will improve on your existing lighting, as well as benefit with high returns on your investment.

Compliant in all State and Territories (ERAC, IPART, SAA), you and your insurer have a lot less to worry about, where unbranded imports are typically untested and pose a safety risk. In commercial operations, our LED T8s have exceeded 24,000 hours in 24/7 use since 2011. This is a great reassurance, where many imports produced from new overseas manufacturers are not yet market tested.

We supply clear lens in cool white (6000K), where business have told us this is what they prefer. However, special orders in frosted lens, 600mm, 900mm, 1500mm and in 4000K and 4500K are available by arrangement.
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