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Carbon Cheaters 10W Dimmable downlights

Enjoy the same warm white light of 50W halogen downlights using quality Japanese Citizen COB technology. Lasting up to ten times longer and using 90% less power, Carbon Cheaters LEDs offer a sound investment with lower running costs, carbon dioxide, heat emissions and fire risk.

Our 10W, 700 lumen dimmable downlights with a 60° beam are suitable where all 50W halogens are currently in use. As a complete assembly, the gimbaled light fitting, power supply, plug and cord is included with a standard 90mm hole cut for trouble free installation and operation.

Save up to $600 in power when replacing 50W halogens over 50,000 hours. Special orders: 15W (1000 lm), natural and cool white (1350 lm), reduced beam, and silver housing. Dimming is compatible with leading, trailing edge and universal dimmers.
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