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Client Case Study 1:

The True Cost of 'Cheap' LED Installations - Beware of Imitations

The Problem

Carbon Cheaters was approached by an internationally-recognised organisation to rectify problems caused by the installation of inferior LEDs (marketed as 'saving money' by another seller).

Installation of 'cheap', poor quality LEDs caused this company:
A dull, unsafe working environment - on inspection, Carbon Cheaters identified light output well below minimum Australian government health and safety recommendations (typical of cheap, poorly performing LEDs). This in turn caused:
       • Staff fatigue, eye strain and headaches:
               "I felt like having a nap on my desk during the day"
               "I fall asleep early in front of the TV and have never done that before"
               "I get headaches and I never used to have them"
               "I work from home when I can as it is too hard to work under this light"

The Solution