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About Us photo of Tracey

Carbon Cheaters is an Australian company specialising in a small range of LED products for our valued clients to reap the benefits of quality light and high financial returns.

With a scientific background and experienced energy consultant, Tracey recognised the benefits of LEDs to business and began her own research in 2009. Unable to source compliant LEDs that offered a real alternative to fluorescent and halogen lighting, she decided to fill that niche herself. With a reputable manufacturer, they developed their first products reaching the Australian market in late 2011.

Carbon Cheaters LED tubes were one of the first SAA Approved and remains as one of the top performers in the Australian market. Carbon Cheaters secret is focusing on just a few products and doing those properly. In contrast, many importers without any product investment or quality control, buys and resells LED premade to the overseas manufacturers own specifications.

With consumers increasingly aware of the problems associated with inferior LEDs, Carbon Cheaters continues to grow offering LEDs having quality light and greater financial returns.